We specialize in Installing new precast fencing / vibracrete walls &  extensions. We do repairs, maintenance, painting and plastering of all types of walls.

With 35+ years in the industry our name is synonymous with quality, as we take pride in work, so much so that every wall we do is perfectly straight when are done with the job, guaranteed! We provide the best prices to our clients, and we’ll beat any other quote.

Our Work

vibrecrete walls repairs precast walls repairs

Vibracrete Precast Wall Repairs

new vibracrete precast palisades fencing walling port shepstoneprecast

New Vibracrete Wall Installations

vibracrete walls extensions precast walls extensions

Vibracrete Wall Extensions

South Africa just isn’t safe anymore.

Benefits of Vibracrete Precast Concrete Walling and Fencing

  1. Cost effective & very practical, when compared to a brick or block wall the installed cost of a precast wall or fence is typically less than half the price.
  2. Does not rust like steel and therefore requires no or very limited maintenance, is very long-lasting, stable, durable and has 30% greater flex than steel, is not eaten by insects or damaged by UV radiation as is the case with wood.
  3. Installation is quick and clean, generally within a day.
  4. These precast concrete walls has no scrap value, meaning that they therefore normally remain where initially erected.
  5. On all our vibracrete walling and fencing products we can provide additional security features.  This could include installing razor coil or ripper flatwrap wire, devil’s fork or spikes at time of wall or fence installation. On precast concrete walls we can install one of the concrete slabs of panels below ground and on concrete palisade fencing we can cast a dig-under prevention column or plinth.
  6. Installing an electric fence on top of the prefab wall or behind it is also very popular and increases the level of security provided significantly.

Precast Vibracrete Concrete Wall Extensions

Casper also installs concrete walling panels in various patterns for raising the height or existing precast concrete walls.  These height increasing slabs are generally referred to wall extensions or extend a wall.

Increasing the height of a precast concrete wall with a suitable foundation can greatly increase security on the premises and you privacy.  There is a saying that ‘good prefab fences make for good neighbours’  In our day and age the saying should maybe be ‘high enough walls ensure lasting neighbour relations’.

No job is too big or too small for us and our services include:

  1. Erection of new precast (vibracrete) walls and concrete palisade fencing
  2. Precast wall extensions or height increases
  3. The addition of security features such as spikes or razor wire to new walls
  4. The installation of access gates with new concrete walls and fences
  5. The removal of old walls and fences and their replacement with new concrete walls.

Other services include our delivery services: 

  • Maximum load Sizes either 3m3 or 6m3
  • Sand – Filling / Building(Philipi & Malmesbury) / plastering
  • Lime Sand
  • Stone – 6mm, 9mm, 13mm, 19mm (larger sizes by special order)
  • Subbase – Various
  • Compost, Topsoil (or mix thereof)
  • Rubble Removal – Clean or Mix
  • Other Transporting may also be done on request.

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